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Acknowledgements and Credits

All component images are used with permission, or have been explicitly released by their originators, or exist otherwise in the public domain, or are by the author.

Special thanks to Liam Quinn for the images he provides on his website (whence the map), and to Karen Hatzigeorgiou for the scans she makes available at (the Celtic interlacing). The rampant lion is from (thanks!). The image of the dashing gentleman comes from the United States Department of the Navy’s Naval Historical Center. The haunting portrait of "Áine" is from Portrait of Elisabeth Oberbüchler by Antoine Pesne, from Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum (used with permission under license). In real life, while Ann ("Áine") Freney lived under anti-Catholic laws in Ireland, Elisabeth Oberbüchler and tens of thousands of others had to leave Salzberg to escape anti-Protestant persecution.

Please find acknowledgements related to the code in the code itself, and acknowledgements related to text in the book in the book itself. Amazon and Kindle are trademarks of, Inc.